Happy New Year 2018 !

The entire Claripharm Team wishes you an excellent year 2018 !
It’s a new year starting and we will celebrate our 5 years of existence !

Happy New Year 2018 !

The entire Claripharm Team wishes you an excellent year 2018 !

It’s a new year starting and we will celebrate our 5 years of existence !

5 years at your side… And in 2018 the whole TEAM Claripharm will give itself body and soul to offer you the best. New products, new tips, contests, gifts and much more…

Thank you for following us in 2017. Thank you for your feedback, be it through your feedback on our products or through your likes, shares and comments on social networks.
Our aim is to accompany you and offer you the right solution throughout the life of your vagina. And what allows us to do this is you.

Cette année a été riche en événements et l’année 2018 promet d’être encore plus belle !

During the year 2017 :

We’ve changed our look!

  • We have reinvented our visual identity and packaging. We hope you like them!
  • We have launched our new website, where you will find monthly tips and information about our products. Our site is now open to the European Union, so you can buy via Paypal and have it delivered to you at a relay point.
  • We have created new videos, these videos help you to fold and insert your menstrual cup more easily! More videos are coming in early 2018!

We innovate without limits for you!

  • We have hired two PhDs. Grâce à eux, nous pourrons innover encore plus et vous offrir des produits de haute qualité !
  • We have done tests and more tests in order to offer you healthy products and guaranteed comfort !
  • We have released a new size of Claricup, size 3. We created it because you asked us to and also because we ourselves were concerned! And yes, Claripharm is essentially a women’s team.
  • This year we have also offered you our DuoPack. Following our test on the wearing time of the Claricup, we now recommend a wearing time of 6 hours as a precautionary measure. We know that 6 hours is a little less convenient, we are the first users of our products. So in order to allow us to live our rules with peace of mind, we have created the DuoPack at a preferential rate. The DuoPack is a duo of two menstrual cups and their Claribox. The two Clariboxes allow you to change your cups more easily during the day… Every 6 hours.

We are getting closer to you!

  • We have started our collaboration with the laboratory Besins Healthcare. This collaboration allows us to offer you our products in many pharmacies in France.
  • Today we are present in more than 3,000 pharmacies.
  • We have expanded our distribution and we have broken down borders! Our products are now available in Vietnam, Switzerland and North Africa. We are present in more than 29 countries!

We always guarantee more security for you!

  • We have obtained the ISO 13485: 2003 CMDCAS certificate!
    In 2016, we obtained the ISO 13485 certificate. This ISO standard sets out the requirements for a quality management system in Europe. This certificate demonstrates our ability to provide medical devices that comply with customer and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and associated services.

And what is the ISO 13485: 2003 CMDCAS certificate?

This is the same certificate as the ISO 13485: 2003 certificate, except that it applies in Canada. Canadians are more demanding in terms of medical device regulations and consider menstrual cups as such. We are therefore evaluated every 6 months on all our files concerning the cup, one more guarantee for you! Because at Claripharm, we regard menstrual cups as medical devices and place the same quality requirements on them.

And so a big thank you to you!

  • We reached more than 6,770 followers on our social networks!

The year 2018 in a few words :

2018 : the year of new products!

In a few months you will discover revolutionary products for your privacy… We can’t wait for you to discover them!

Come on, a few clues?

  • Products that make your daily life easier, every month
  • Products that make it easier to clean your Claricup menstrual cup
  • Products adapted to each age and stage of the vagina’s life cycle

Tests and more tests.

The menstrual cup is a new product on the market. In spite of our 5 short years, we want to do as many tests as possible in order to guarantee you the best. Everything we say, we prove it, is important to us.

Our wish in 2018:

A regulation on the menstrual cup in France. And yes, today there are none in France and in Europe, and we consider that it is inadmissible for a product that you insert in your vagina, 5 days a month for 30 years.

We wish you a happy, healthy and loving 2018!

See you soon,

The Claripharm TEAM.

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