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Happy New Year 2019!

The whole Claripharm Team wishes you an excellent year 2019 ! A new year at your side…

Happy New Year 2019!

The whole Claripharm Team wishes you an excellent year 2019 !

A new year at your side… And in 2019 the whole TEAM Claripharm will give itself body and soul to offer you the best. New products, new tips, contests, gifts and much more…

Thank you for following us in 2018. Thank you for your feedback, be it through your feedback on our products or through your likes, shares and comments on social networks.
Our aim is to accompany you and offer you the right solution throughout the life of your vagina. And what allows us to do this is you.

It has been an eventful year and 2019 promises to be even better!

During the year 2018 :

We have innovated for you!

  • We have launched a new menstrual cup size! The Mini Claricup was born thanks to you, following your requests. We thought of it for young girls. Its small size makes it easier to use and insert for young girls who are not yet used to inserting hygienic protections in their vagina or for young virgin women. But it turns out that this Mini Claricup is also suitable for sportswomen or women with very small flows.

  • We have done tests and more tests in order to offer you healthy products and guaranteed comfort ! In particular, we carried out a test on the composition of our cup. For it is all well and good to control the manufacturing process, but once the product is manufactured, how can we be sure that there is nothing dangerous in it that we didn’t foresee ? This control of the manufacturing process is not enough, we must guarantee that no toxic, dangerous substances are present in the menstrual cup! There are two types of tests to ensure that a healthy and safe product is placed on the market: biocompatibility tests, and extractables tests. More information about these tests in our composition article.

  • As you may have noticed, we have suspended the sale of our Clarigyna intimate gel. Our product was too liquid, which in no way compromised its effectiveness, but that did not satisfy us, it did not respect our commitment. And you know it, we wish the best for you. So we are working on another product that will arrive in 2019.

We got closer!

  • We have travelled all over France through many congresses. We exchanged with many health professionals (Gynecologist, Midwife…) which allowed us to reflect, to think about new products to meet your needs.
  • We reached out to you through our summer campaign #3PointsCommuns. Our campaign was posted on bus shelters all over France and also on TVs in pharmacies.


  • We revolutionized your summer with our campaign #changemysummer
  • + More than 20 articles have been written on our website with the aim of advising you as much as possible on various intimate subjects.
  • We were talked about.

Article available here.

La Tribune


  • We celebrated our 5 years with you, it was great!

  • Finally, we questioned you. Because yes, it is you who drive us forward on a daily basis. We would like to thank all the people who responded to our annual satisfaction questionnaire sent out at the end of the year, so thank you very much!

The year 2019 in a few words :

  • Spoil you
  • Getting closer to you, even more
  • Improve your daily life with new products
  • Tests and more tests. The menstrual cup is a new product on the market that requires research to ensure safety and effectiveness. Everything we say, we prove, is important to us.

Our wish in 2019: The regulation for hygienic protections including the menstrual cup, as it is already the case in the US, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea…..This regulation is non-existent in France and in Europe, we will continue to raise awareness among the competent authorities to change the Rules! We are determined, this is our fight for 2019! We are alerting institutions and politicians.

We wish you another beautiful year 2019, happiness, health and love! See you soon,

The Claripharm TEAM.

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