Your body is beautiful, unique and precious. Take care of it from the inside.
Give it the best, throughout its life.

Periodic protections

for all women


A revolution for women, menstrual panties allow you to opt for zero waste, non-irritating, chemical-free protection.

Discreet, soft and made of organic cotton, you’ll almost forget you have your period!

Claripharm, intimate care expert.

Made in France, Claripharm laboratory products are designed and manufactured in the safest way possible.

Choose a healthy alternative for intimate hygiene such as the Claricup menstrual cup or Clari Underwear menstrual panties,
is taking care of yourself of your intimity and opting for ecological consumption.

Women’s health professionals to accompany you and answer your questions.

Size, composition, use. Let our professionals help you choose the right intimate product.

At Claripharm, if the size of your menstrual cup doesn’t fit, we offer you a new one.

Our motto is to fully satisfied you.


Your daughter, your mom, your best friend, your sister…
Starting with you, how many women
around you do you love?

First concerned by looking for better alternatives
for everday and during periods.
Laboratoire Claripharm products are think
by our team, the first users of the brand.


92% of women who opted for the menstrual cup would no longer change their protection. And you, when will it be your turn?