Menstrual Cups Claricup

The menstrual cup is a safe and responsible alternative to the massive use of sanitary pads and tampons.

This new hygienic protection is innovative, economical, practical and ecological.

At Claripharm, our collection ofperiodic menstrual cups is designed to fit every woman.

Designed by health experts, our Claricup cupsare only made of medical grade silicone and are manufactured in France.

Certified, safe and 100% made in France

Think, modeled and designed in our own manufacturing laboratory in Brittany, Claricup menstrual cups are entirely manufactured in France under the watchful eye of Claripharm’s pharmaceutical teams.

By choosing Claricup menstrual cups, you opt for intimate protection medically certified ISO 13485:2016 Europe, MDSAP USA and Canada, and FDA. A guarantee of quality and confidence for safe menstrual cycles.

Claricup Wash

Specifically designed for cleaning a menstrual cup, the Claricup™ Wash is your quick and effective cleaning solution to remove as much bacteria as possible between sterilizations. Thanks to its specific composition, Claricup™ Wash menstrual cup cleansing gel allows you to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria deposited on your Claricup menstrual cup.

Discreet and efficient cleaning

It is recommended to sterilize its menstrual cup between each use. Knowing the hectic pace of your days and not always having a microwave handy, the Claricup™ Wash allows you to discreetly and effectively clean your menstrual cup during your day as you empty it.

A 2-in-1 gel

Claricup™ Wash gel helps eliminate microorganisms* and removes traces of blood* without leaving a residue on the menstrual cup*. * In-vitro test on Claricup

A safe composition

The use of a traditional soap is not recommended for the cleaning of your menstrual cup. This can lead to irritation, discomfort and even infection. In addition to its effectiveness, the Claricup Wash™ is designed to respect your intimate flora thanks to its physiological pH (5.5).  

Claricup antimicrobial menstrual cup and sterilization box

Discover the Claricup antimicrobial menstrual cup and its sterilizer, your new alternative to tampons and pads. Adopt the first patented antimicrobial silicone menstrual cup and its transport and disinfection box. An inlay of silver microparticles for additional safety.

Flexible, easy to use, environmentally friendly

To fit every woman, our 4 sizes of menstrual cups adjust to your body and flow, and guarantee you 6 hours of peace of mind, for the next 3 years.

The end of intimate droughts and infections

Thanks to the use of medical silicone used for surgical prostheses, and the addition of micro particles of silver, the patented formula of Claricup Antimicrobial ensures softness and flexibility, without chemical components or endocrine disruptors.

Economical and safe

With its disinfection and transport box, sterilize, clean and transport your cup everywhere during your 3 years of use.

Claricup Colorless menstrual cup and sterilization box

Say hello to your new monthly routine, the Claricup Colorless menstrual cup that comes with its sterilizer. The end of tampons and napkins for a transparent alternative. 100% composed of medical grade silicone, wear your Claricup Colorless menstrual cup without any toxic product added and clean it easily with its Claricup box.

Easy to use and adapted to each body

Made of soft and healthy medical silicone, our 4 sizes are designed for all types of women and menstrual habits. Think you've come to the wrong size? Good news, if the chosen size is not the right one, we'll send a new one!

Safe hygienic protection

Say goodbye to chlorine and phthalate from tampons. With no unnecessary chemical components and no extractables, our Claricup Colorless menstrual cups are made only with USP Class IV pharmaceutical grade medical grade silicone, that's all!

The healthy and ecological alternative

Concerned about the environment and the quality of our products, our cups are thought in an eco-responsible logic and designed in France following the strictest international sanitary regulatory standards (MDSAP US, MDSAP Canada, ISO 13485:2016 and FDA certified).

Only Claricup menstrual cup

Available in 4 sizes, switch to the menstrual cup whatever your budget thanks to the Only Claricup. Adapted to all wallets, don't buy any more stamps for the next 5 years thanks to the Only Claricup at only 19€.

The Claricup at an affordable price

Periodic protection is a real investment for women. 100% made of medical silicone, benefit from all the Claripharm know-how at a price accessible to all. Delivered alone without a sterilization box, the Only Claricup offers women the possibility of switching to menstrual cutting.

Available in 4 sizes

Specially designed for women, discover the 4 sizes that adapt to each morphology and flow!
A big mistake? Claripharm will review one for free.

The healthy and ecological alternative

Healthy, certified and made of 100% medical silicone, Only Claricup is an ideal menstrual cup to accompany you during your next 3 to 5 years of menstruation without ever buying or throwing away tampons.

Duopack Claricup Antimicrobial

Because no hygienic protection should be worn for more than 6 hours, discover our antimicrobial Claricup Duopack, two menstrual cups and two transport and disinfection boxes, for safe menstruation.

Your 12-hour solution

Thanks to your two cups, interchange your Claricup more easily and discreetly for 12 hours of serenity. Always carry a clean menstrual cup with you, the perfect solution if you don't have a water point handy.

Tranquillity and cleanliness assured

Depending on your flow and your morphology, find the size that suits you among our 4 models. And if the chosen size is not suitable, we will send a new one free of charge. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Ecological and economic

Reusable for 3 years, your two menstrual cups save you nearly 4 kg of waste. The savings will pay for themselves in less than 6 months, and they will also be in good shape!

Duopack Claricup Colorless

Always have a clean cup with its sterilization box at hand. No better way to spend your 12-hour day in complete tranquility! Thanks to your duopack of two Colorless menstrual cups and two transport and sterilization boxes, change your menstrual cup easily and live your period safely.

Discretion and security for 12 hours

Thanks to your Duopack of 2 menstrual cups Claricup Colorless and their 2 boxes of transport, always have a clean cup with you for a day in all serenity.

Your healthy and sustainable alternative

Reusable for 3 years, your two menstrual cups save you nearly from 2000 sanitary pads and tampons. So much waste saved for the environment.

4 sizes for your shape

Because every woman is different, we have designed 4 sizes to meet the needs of each. And if the chosen size is not the right one, we will send you a new one for free!

Claricup Box Sterilizer

Claricup Box, the 2 in 1 solution that allows you to effectively clean your menstrual cup but also to carry it everywhere with you. Medically tested, the sterilization process of your cup with the Claricup Box allows you to go from 1,000,000 bacteria deposited on your cup to 1. Speed, security, efficiency and discretion!

Proven and validated disinfection

The effectiveness of cup disinfection with the Claricup Box has been tested in a specialized laboratory approved by the Ministry of Research. Thus, we can affirm a log reduction of 6, i.e. your cup is reduced from 1,000,000 bacteria to 1.

Speed and discretion

Farewell to pan sterilization, from now on disinfect your cup discreetly in only 5 minutes in the microwave. No more waiting for the water to boil in full view of everyone or only when you are at home. Now sterilize your cup wherever a microwave is available.

Safe transportation

Take your clean cup with you wherever you go. No risk of soiling or contamination, your cup remains sterile in its box until its next use.  
Follow our guide for a perfect knowledge of the menstrual cup !

How to choose your Claricup menstrual cup ?

To properly choose the menstrual cup that suits you, several criteria must be taken into consideration:



virgin, mum,
or no kids?


Did you know?
At Claripharm Laboratoire, if the size of the menstrual cup you choose is not the right one, we will replace it free of charge.

How do I put on my menstrual cup?

  1. Start each of your cycle by easily sterilizing your cup with your Claricup box.
  2. Wash your hands properly and make yourself comfortable.
  3. Gently spread the lips of your vagina and introduce your menstrual cup by folding it in half according to the different folding patterns.
  4. Rotate your cup a few times and gently release so that it unfolds by itself.

To know the right height of your cup positioning, rely on your collar. The bottom of your cup should be at the same level as the entrance of your cervix while the top of your cup should be at a distance equivalent to a finger.

How do I clean my Claricup menstrual cup?

The Claricup menstrual cup is sold with its sterilization and cleaning box. The Claricup box allows you to carry your cup wherever you go, but also to proceed to the sterilization of your menstrual cup without having to do it with a pot of boiling water.

Easy, discreet and efficient, thanks to theClaricup box, all you have to do is cover your cup with water and place the box in the microwave for 5 minutes at 750 watts.

The 5 gestures to safely use your menstrual cup

  1. Wash your hands before and after each insertion of your menstrual cup.
  2. Sterilize your menstrual cup on the first and last day of your period, as well as once a day to start your day safely. Between insertions throughout the day, clean your menstrual cup with Clariwash Cleansing Gel or mild soap.
  3. Wear your menstrual cup for a maximum of 6 hours.
  4. Do not wear your menstrual cup at night if you sleep more than 6 hours. Opt for intimate pads or menstrual underwear.
  5. Change your cup every 3 to 5 years