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Article on the Claricare protective shell

Focus on the Claricare intimate protection shell.

Writing of an article on Claricare by the magazine Porphyre.

We would like to thank the magazine Porphyre, which appears in the Moniteur des Pharmacies, for the beautiful article on our innovation created in 2014.

Click here to view it.

Focus on Claricare :

What is it?

Claricare is the first protective shell for intimate areas. It is a bio-compatible medical silicone medical device. It is adapted to all female morphologies. It avoids friction between the scar and the underwear and also allows a stable sitting position.

The protective shell is supplied with its transport box.

Why should I use it?

Claricare relieves discomfort to intimate parts related to vaginal, perineal or anal wounds and sutures. It is used to relieve pain following a painful childbirth, episiotomy, haemorrhoids or intimate cosmetic surgery.

“J’ai pu m’occuper de ma fille aînée et de mon bébé.”

Interview about Claricare, protective shell for intimate parts

February 2014, Emeline 30 years old (Paris) gives birth to her 2nd child. This childbirth proved to be more difficult than the first one. She underwent an episiotomy, a tear down to the anus and vaginal oedema. Emeline suffered from severe pain in her private parts for a month. On the advice of a friend, she tested Claricare™. She tells us about her experience…

How did you find out about Claricare™?

A friend of mine gave me Claricare™. I confess that I was a bit sceptical when I opened the box. She explained to me that this soft shell protects stitches and sores on the private parts by keeping them away from the chair and the hygienic protection. As I couldn’t sit down anymore, I had nothing to lose so I tried it.

Why did you need to wear Claricare™?

Back home I had to take care of both my baby and my 3 year old daughter. As she was feeling a bit neglected with the arrival of her little brother, it seemed to me essential to spend some time with her, face to face, and to give her some reassurance.

The ideal moment was the meal: I absolutely had to sit down at the table with her to give her food “as before”. But because of the scar and the swelling, I couldn’t even sit properly on a sofa, and it was absolutely impossible to sit on a chair as it was so painful!

How was Claricare™ useful to you?

Thanks to Claricare™: I was able to take care of my eldest daughter and my baby; the simple gestures of everyday life became easy again. I could be at the table with my daughter for as long as I needed. That’s at least 1 hour, the time for her to eat and tell me about her day.

Once my daughter went to bed, I could still sit at the table without any problem, to have dinner with my husband. Which was much more pleasant, than eating lying on the sofa.

I also used Claricare™ to breastfeed my son because wearing it allowed me to have a straight back.

So Claricare™ allowed me to sit on a chair, an armchair, a car seat…And also to get out of my house and walk without the pain of rubbing the hygienic protection on the scars. I was able to take my daughter to school, run errands and live a normal life, in fact!

I also think that Claricare™ has allowed better aeration of my scar, and therefore faster healing.

And how did you wear it?

If I can give a piece of advice, the first time you use Claricare™: don’t hesitate to wear it as far forward as possible and move it several times, to test and get the most comfortable position possible.

Otherwise, to keep it in place, I wore it with a boxer shorts or a boxer shorts. And so that no one could see it through my clothes, I wore dresses with tights, or my early pregnancy jeans with a long jumper: total discretion assured! Even my husband and my friends couldn’t help it!

Do you think that you too could recommend Claricare™ to a friend?

Yes, I am totally convinced of its benefits! In fact, I would have liked to have had it from my first delivery to relieve the pain associated with scratches and haemorrhoids…

What message would you like to convey to other women who are about to give birth?

I would like to tell women who suffer from pain in their private parts that from now on there is a solution to relieve them, whether the scarring lasts a week, a month or more…Today with Claricare™: women who undergo an episiotomy, a tear, haemorrhoids or scratches can sit without pain and no longer suffer from the rubbing of the sanitary napkin on their scar. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

We would like to thank Emeline for answering our questions and sharing her experience.

Claricare™ : Innovative and patented medical device!

ClariPharm™ will co-host the workshop “Protecting my industrial property”at the Open de l’International des entreprises bretonnes, organised by the BCI on 7 July 2014 in Brest.

To access the programme for Brittany International Trade Day, click here.

ClariPharm™ has been invited by the BCI to testify and share its experience in the context of the filing of a patent for Claricare™: the 1st flexible shell for the protection of wounds and stitches on intimateparts used in the indications of :
– tearing and/or episiotomy after childbirth
– vulvar and anal scratches after childbirth
– hemorrhoids
– haematomas to the private parts after childbirth
– coccyx dislocation
– perineal, vulval and anal condylomata
– bartholinite
– intimate cosmetic surgery (nymphoplasty, labiaplasty…)
– anal margin abscess
– low track prolapse
– Rectal prolapse
– anal fissures
– amputation of the rectum

More information about Claricare here.

Claricare™ : a promising innovation

After a difficult childbirth, Clarisse Le Court imagines a device and care to relieve intimate scars.

…headlines in the Journal Des Entreprises on its April front page! To discover the article: click here

If the link does not work, you will find the content of this article below :

After a difficult childbirth, Clarisse Le Court imagines a device and care to relieve intimate scars. From there the company Claripharm was born.

The creators

Originally from Côtes d’Armor and Ille-et-Vilaine, Clarisse Le Court, 38, and Loïc Giquel, 59, worked together in medical devices at THT Bio-Science. She was a sales representative and key account manager for 15 years and he was managing director of the company for 12 years. In 2012, Clarisse asked Loïc to become her partner. Based in the Côtes d’Armor, they created Claripharm in March 2013 and are developing their manufacturing activity in Saint-Alban. Since last March, they have been marketing their products.

The status

The partners have chosen to create an SAS. They hold 70% of the capital, which they divide equally between them. They successfully raised €386,950 from 29 investors. The company has two other employees.

The project

Claripharm sells intimate protection shells for women who suffer from tears and scars related to childbirth or intimate surgery. A range of intimate care products is also sold in kit form. The products are available online, in specialist shops or in pharmacies and parapharmacies. The project was born following the birth of Clarisse Le Court in 2012. She imagined a protective shell and care to relieve intimate scars. The partners called on the company Sterne in Cavaillon (84) to make moulds. The hull was patented in February 2013. Development cost: 200,000 euros.


“The hull is an innovation. It was because there was nothing on the market that I decided to create the intimate protection shell,” recalls Clarisse Le Court. The managers also have significant experience in the field of medical devices.

The outlook

In France, each year, about 400,000 mothers are affected by tears or episiotomy. These are all potential buyers. The market is also opening up internationally. The patent was filed in this sense. Finally, the company benefits from a network of prescribers in the medical field. It forecasts a turnover of €100,000 in 2014.

(Saint-Alban) 02 96 93 37 89

Article written by Marie-Anne Le Berre

Claricare™: article on

Claricare is featured on This soft shell is useful after childbirth. You can find the article here.
Article to discover on:…

Claripharm available in the UK on

Claripharm arrives in England and offers its flagship product, Claricare, for sale in our neighbouring countries. The company is expanding!

Claripharm works for the relief of postpartum pain.

The two founders of Claripharm have developed Claricare, an innovative device to relieve post-partum pain.


To read the article from Bretagne Innovation: click here

If the link does not work, you will find the content of this article below :

Innovative project. Claripharm, created in 2013 in Saint-Alban (Côtes-d’Armor), now has four employees including its two founders, Clarisse Le Court and Loïc Giquel. The two partners have developed Claricare, an innovative device specifically designed to relieve some of the frequent post-childbirth pains.

The two entrepreneurs have worked side by side for almost fifteen years at THT Bio-Science. Loïc Giquel was then manager and Clarisse Le Court commerciale then key account manager. After experiencing a difficult childbirth, she invented a specific device for women suffering from the aftermath of tears.

Claripharm now markets a protective shell as well as intimate care, specifically designed for young mothers.It was because there was nothing on the market that I decided to create the intimate protection shell,” explains Clarisse Le Court. In France, 400,000 women are affected each year.

Claripharm, which also intends to expand internationally, has just filed a patent to protect its innovation. The company expects to generate a turnover of 100,000 euros this year.

Article written by Paul-François Jullien

ClariPharm™ A revolutionary concept

Le Télégramme has published an article on Claricare™: the 1st flexible shell for the protection of wounds and sutures to the intimate parts.

To read the article: click here

If the link no longer works, you will find the contents of this article below :

How can we offer more intimate comfort to women after childbirth? How can we make them feel better, especially after an episiotomy? These are the questions Clarisse Le Court, founder of Claripharm and resident of Pléneuf, asked herself following the birth of her first child.

A silicone shell

Questions to which she finally found answers following medical and technical research work carried out in partnership with her colleague Loïc Giquel, now president of the Claripharm company, a laboratory created a year ago in the Saint-Alban craft zone.

With the help of another employee, Clarisse Le Court and Loïc Giquel market, among others, the Claricare product, a medical silicone shell designed to provide more comfort to women following childbirth.

We have been working on this product for more than a year, designing prototypes of different qualities over time,” confide the two entrepreneurs.

Prototypes that have been tested, as and when they were conceived, with the support of medical teams of gynaecologists, obstetricians and midwives“, add Clarisse and Loïc.

“An important medical vacuum”.

The two professionals ended up defining a product made in the South of France and marketed for a few weeks on the internet.

The research and development carried out around this concept has filled an important medical void“, the two entrepreneurs would like to underline.

We were astonished by this emptiness when we told the medical world about our project,” add the two Clariphram managers. “Tomorrow, they add, this revolutionary product, which has already been patented nationally and will soon be available internationally, will be marketed in pharmacies. “While Claricare is effective on pain related to post-delivery problems, it is also suitable for other conditions, such as haemorrhoids or gynaecological and urological surgery.


Claripharm, 9, rue des Croix-Roses, tel.

Article by Bernard Mével

Episiotomie, déchirure, hémorroïdes… : Claricare™ la solution

Le reportage consacré à ClariPharm et diffusé par Armor TV dans son journal télévisé du 8 avril 2014, est désormais disponible sur You Tube.

To find out: click here

If the link does not work, you will find the comments of the journalist MathildeQuémener, below :

Part 1 :

This is the flagship product of the start-up Claripharm in Saint-Alban: a protective shell for women’s private parts.An innovation imagined by this mother and refined over two years in collaboration with the medical world. It removes wounds from all rubbings and clothes. An idea born after being torn apart in childbirth.

Part 2 :

This former employee from the medical world then decided to start her own business. Other products are developed such as a fragrance-free intimate geland an antimicrobial silicone cupfor menstrual cycles. The will remains the same: to provide answers that do not exist.

Part 3 :

At the moment, the company has two employees. The hiring of one employee per region in France will begin this week. And by the end of the year, a new product will be launched: an intimate protective shell, but this time for men.Et d’ici la fin de l’année, un nouveau produit sera lancé : une coque de protection intime mais cette fois-ci pour les hommes.

With the founder, Clarisse Le Court, it is a presentation of the company ClariPharm™ and its exclusive innovation, Claricare™: Patented medical device, CE marked and Made in France.

Claricare is the first soft shell for the protection of wounds and stitches in intimate areas used in the indications of :
– tearing and/or episiotomy after childbirth
– vulvar and anal scratches after childbirth
– hemorrhoids
– haematomas to the private parts after childbirth
– coccyx dislocation
– perineal, vulval and anal condylomata
– bartholinite
– intimate cosmetic surgery (nymphoplasty, labiaplasty…)
– anal margin abscess
– low track prolapse
– Rectal prolapse
– anal fissures
– amputation of the rectum

Full Care Kit Claricare™

The care kit Claricare™ is a set of 3 products adapted to the daily care of wounds and sutures on intimate parts:

1 Claricare™

Claricare™ is the 1st soft shell for the protection of wounds and sutures to the intimate parts. It is therefore indicated following an episiotomy, a tear, haemorrhoids, labiaplasty, nymphoplasty, ect…

1 Clarigyna™: 200 ml intimate shower gel, suitable for the care of intimate areas

  • fragrance-free (extremely rare on the intimate shower gel market)
  • paraben-free
  • dye-free
  • without SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
  • soap-free

–> Clarigyna™ also allows cleaning Claricare™

NB: Never use petrochemicals (Vaseline), essential oils, corrosive cleaners, scented soaps or dishwashers to clean Claricare™.

See the conditions of use on the product sheet Claricare™ .

2 Claristicks: box of 20 single-dose applicators of eosin 2%.

Claristick™ is suitable for the care of superficial wounds because it is :

  • alcohol-free
  • draining
  • practical and precise

–> Claristick™ also has the advantage that you no longer need to stain your fingers with red eosin.

>> Find all the practical information on the product sheet of the care kit Claricare™and/or on the Claricare flyer by clicking here.


The patented revolution: Claricare™

Claricare™ represents a tremendous advance in the treatment of pain and the protection of wounds and stitches.

Claricare™: une innovation exclusive brevetée

When you have wounds and stitches in your private parts, it is painful to change from lying down to sitting. It’s painful to sit down to eat. It is painful when you are a young mother breastfeeding or sitting with your baby in your arms. It’s painful when your sanitary protection or clothing rubs your wounds and sutures on your private parts. Claricare™ was designed by the ClariPharm™ Laboratory to relieve these painful and unpleasant pains.

Advertisement Claricare™ in PAROLE DE SAGES-FEMMES magazine

The magazine “Parole de sages-femmes” published an advertisement for Claricare in the Autumn 2014 issue 10.

Discover the advertisement Claricare™ in the magazine by clicking on the link:

An ingenious invention thanks to her delivery

After an episiotomy, Clarisse Le Court has devised a device to relieve women of the pain associated with childbirth.

…is the title of the Penthièvre on the front page of its 27 March 2014 edition. Pour découvrir l’article : cliquez ici

If the link does not work, you will find the content of this article below :

After an episiotomy, Clarisse Le Court imagined a device to relieve women from the pain of childbirth tears. She even set up her own company.

“It’s crazy: we are in the 20th century and the only way to relieve the pain of an episiotomy is to wait for it to heal”, plague Clarisse Le Court, after a difficult childbirth in 2012.

Protective shells

Today, his company Calripharm, created in March 2013, and located in the Lidl area in Saint-Alban, is just beginning to market his invention: feminine intimate protection shells, sold individually or in kit form with other care products. Private individuals, pharmacies and specialist shops can equip themselves.

“The purpose of these shells is to avoid the pain associated with post-partum tears and scars. The principle? Hulls keep scars and wounds, clothing and hard surfaces at bay. This avoids painful rubbing or uncomfortable sitting positions.

A baby of 4 kg

The story begins in 2012 with the arrival of a 4 kg baby. Once you get home things get complicated. “With the episiotomy, my daily life became difficult. Difficulties in sitting down, breastfeeding, getting up which spoilt the happiness of coming home”.

Hence her idea, which she submits to surgeons: a device to put wounds at a distance. Clarisse decides to launch her company. She contacts a colleague who follows her in her project. The development phase is launched. It will take 5 models of prototypes to find the right one. “It cost us two years of our time and money, but what satisfaction.

Article written by Hélène Hérault

Do you have any further questions about the daily use of Claricare? Write on social networks or by email to:

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