Marion Séclin and Madmoizelle talk about the Claricup menstrual cup!

Discover the video of Madmoizelle where Marion Séclin gives you the good practices of use on the menstrual cup.

Marion Séclin answers your questions

In this video, Marion answers your questions about the cup.

  • Where does the cup fit? Can we urinate in his presence?
  • How is the cup inserted?
  • How long can I keep my cup safely?
  • Can we lose our cup in our vagina?
  • How do I choose the size of my menstrual cup?
  • Can you still ride a horse with a cup?
  • Once emptied, can the cup be reinserted directly?
  • After how many years do I have to change my menstrual cup?
  • Does the cup promote toxic shock, that mysterious and scary infection?
  • Is the menstrual cup a medical device?

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To watch the video, it’s this way!

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