Claripharm and midwives

Claripharm à la 43e Conférence nationale des sages-femmes à Lyon !

Come and meet us at the 43rd edition of the Assises Nationales des Sages-femmes in Lyon. Claripharm has a stand there to present its products.

Marie, Didier and Nicolas are waiting for you at the 43rd Assises Nationales des Sages Femmes in Lyon to present our products. The Claricup menstrual cup, the Clarigyna intimate shower gel or the Claricare protective shell!

We look forward to seeing many of you!

Claripharm™ participe à la 13ème journée du CNSF de France

Claripharm looks forward to seeing you on the 13th day of the CNSF at the Palais des Arts et des Congrès in Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Palais des Arts et des Congrès (PACI) 25 avenue Victor Cresson 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux

Claripharm™ participates in the National Midwifery Students’ Day in Nantes on 13-14-15 February 2015

Claripharm came to Nantes for the national day of student midwives.

More than 400 student midwives had the opportunity to discover the medical devices Claripharm™.

Claricare™: the soft shell for wound protection, sutures to the intimate parts after childbirth.

Clarigyna™: the shower gel for intimate cleansing WITHOUT PERFUMES and with a pH 5.5 (pH of the intimate parts)

Claricup™ : The only ANTI-MICROBIAN silicone menstrual cup supplied with its claricup box.

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