Claripharm: a second round of financing

Claripharm is working on a second fund-raising campaign for 300 to 350 k€ from private individuals and its partners between now and the summer.

E-letter api of 06/05/14,written by Maureen Le Mao

22 – Claripharm, specialised in the design of medical devices dedicated to intimate comfort, is working on a second round of financing. The Saint-Alban SME is seeking to raise 300 to 350 k€ from private individuals and its partners between now and the summer. The objective? “Accelerate the marketing of our products in France, and also on the export market. And adapt our Claricare product to men”, says Loïc Giquel, co-founder of the company in March 2013 with Clarisse Le Court. The company has been marketing its flagship product, Claricare, since April 2014. “It is a soft outer shell made of medical silicone to relieve discomfort and pain associated with wounds and sutures in the intimate area. This product was developed by my partner after she gave birth, when she saw a need and a need in this market. »

Via prescribers
Before creating the legal structure, the two partners, from the medical device sector, carried out eight months of studies related to the design of the hull with their own funds. “We founded the company and raised €380k from private individuals when the feasibility studies proved conclusive,” explains Loïc Giquel. Claripharmis in charge of designing and marketing the product, which is patented throughout Europe. Its manufacture is subcontracted to a French partner. “For marketing, we rely on prescribers. The product is sold online and we are starting to develop our network in pharmacies. »

A wider market
The SME has six employees. 10 recruitments, particularly in sales, are planned to accelerate commercial deployment. Claripharm is targeting a wider market than post-partum pain. “The product is suitable for all types of surgery through the lower tract. We have also developed a range of care products and a menstrual cup, designed with the requirements of a medical device in mind. “Management is now working on a men’s version of Claricare to meet the demand.

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