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Clarinews about the Claricup

We present you all the news about our menstrual cup the Claricup !

New opinion on the Claricup menstrual cup!

The website wrote an article about our Claricup. The website gives us its opinion, also shares testimonials and discusses various subjects.

The menstrual cup, a medical device?

We talk about the status of the menstrual cup in France and in Europe. And yes, as a reminder, the menstrual cup is not considered a medical device in France and Europe, but as a product for everyday consumption. However, it is a medical device in Canada or in the USA.

Claricup‘s Composition :

The website also mentions the composition of the product (dye, medical silicone).

Claricup Menstrual cup wearing time :

We also talk about our test on the wearing time of the Claricup menstrual cup! You can also find out more about our test here.

Facebook Live with Madmoizelle

Finally, we talk about our facebook live made with Madmoizelle last December!

If you haven’t seen it or want to see it again, here it is!

In addition, we are always at your disposal if you have any further questions. Ask all your questions about our websiteor on our networks Facebook or Instagram.

We let you discover this article on their website. A promotional code is hidden there! Good reading !

Column about the Claricup menstrual cup in the Health magazine

Laetitia Fouque, blogger on “green, organic, green” and a journalist at Health Magazine and Allodocteurs.frhas a section on menstrual cups.

Menstrual cups are a healthy and responsible alternative to the heavy use of tampons and sanitary napkins.

  • Is it healthier for women?
  • Is Claricup ™ economical for the women budget?
  • What is the budget for the treatment of tampons in wastewater treatment ?

We are eager to discover the chronicle of Laetitia Fouque in the program “Le magazine de la santé” with Michel Cymes and Marina Carrère d’Encausse on France 5 on October 24 from 2:35 p.m.

Here is the Youtube video 🔽

Claricup Menstrual Cup – Review

The English blogger Eco Fluffy mama published an article on May 14, 2015 about the Claricup, she is doing very well according to her!

Come and discover the article of the English blogger on her Eco fluffy mama website!

Animation Claricup ™ in a pharmacy in Agde

Claricup went to an animation day in a pharmacy in Agde and it was a great success!

Claricup menstrual cup animation in a pharmacy in Agde

Marine was very successful during this Claricup ™ information day.

Do not hesitate to contact Claripharm ™ to be informed about the products in the range.

ClariCup ™ available in pharmacies and on

The menstrual cup Claricup by Claripharm is now for sale on our website and in pharmacies.

Claricup ™ is my cup! 8 good reasons

The Claricup is made for all women who are going through difficult periods who want to change their period.

Comfortable and reliable: Claricup ™ is soft to the touch, convenient to use, and leak-free

Flexibility: Claricup ™ is easy to insert and remove.

Anti-microbial: Claricup ™ is the only anti-microbial silicone menstrual cup.

Reusable and hygienic: Claricup ™ is easy to clean and reusable for 3 to 5 years.

Significant autonomy: Claricup ™ can be kept for 6 hours, regardless of the activities!

Claricup Box: transport box, cleaning and decontamination in the microwave (5 min at 750 watts) of Claricup ™.

Act for the planet: Claricup ™ is ecological, no waste of non-recyclable protections.

Price: very economical, a Claricup ™ can be used for several years (5 years on average).

Discover the Claricup ™ description on the EasyCup website

The EasyCup website has written a description page about the Claricup with its characteristics.

The ClariCup
Material : Medical grade silicone “ anti-microbial and bio-compatible ”
Nombre de tailles : 2
Medium size dimensions: 38.5mm diameter, 75mm length with shank, 30mm shank length
Large size dimensions: 46mm diameter, 75mm length with shank, 30mm shank length
Medium size capacity: 18.5 ml
Large size capacity: 27 ml
Native country : France
Date of onset: 2014
Average price : € 29
Description :
The Claricup is a medical silicone cup, which the Claripharm laboratory specifies as “the only menstrual cup in anti-microbial and bio-compatible medical silicone The anti-microbial agent is silver-based, it is incorporated directly into the base of the silicone. It is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and molds, it has a low level of toxicity to the human body. The material has been tested for cytotoxicity and has been shown to be non-toxic to humans.

It has a pretty dark purple color, translucent and has a peach skin texture.

The rather elongated shape, the high holes placed just under the round bead are reminiscent of the FleurCup.

The cup seems rather rigid when taken in the hand, but the presence of 4 large vertical ridges along the body of the cup facilitates folding during handling. The bead is round, thin and toned, which requires maintaining the fold well during insertion but also allows the cup to unfold well in the vagina and have excellent hold.

The 4 holes located just below the bead are small and bevelled, but cleaning them was not a problem. The stem is round and full. Finished in a ball, it has 6 ridges which can help to grip it during handling. It is very flexible and can therefore be kept without feeling any discomfort. Apart from the 4 large ridges, the body of the cup has no other roughness or inscriptions, so cleaning is easy.

Its shape and the position of the holes guarantee a very good capacity, even for the small size. It recalls LunaCopine for its ease of use and may therefore be suitable for many women.

The manufacturer notes a useful life of 5 years The cup is delivered in a cardboard box including the cup, an explanatory leaflet and a black box which allows the cup to be stored and transported as well as its sterilization in the microwave (ClariBox). The manufacturer recommends positioning the cup with the rod down in the sterilizer. The manufacturer also recommends the use of ClariGyna in cleaning the cup, prior to microwave sterilization of their product.

This cup is sold via the ClariPharm network, by visits to health professionals (surgeons, general practitioners and gynecologists, physiotherapists, midwives, etc.) by representatives of ClariPharm. For the moment, the only reseller site of the ClariCup is ClariPharm.

Where to buy it?

Discover the post of on Claricup ™

The site published an article on Claricup, the results are positive! Find out now.

Discover the post of on Claricup

Find the content of this article below:

Zoom on a new 100% safe and comfortable menstrual cup, the Claricup ™

From the brand ClariPharm, the Claricup has been designed from a more sanitary than aesthetic perspective: no more shimmering colors and glitter, the Claricup relies on woman comfort and the compliance with medical and health standards.

Created by a woman and for women, ClariPharm has first of all a simple objective: to offer more comfort to the privacy of women after childbirth, and in general to all women affected by an intimate concern. From this idea was born a range of specific treatments (from cleansing gel to the flexible shell for intimate protection), including Claricup menstrual cup.

What are the advantages of the Claricup?

– Made from biocompatible medical anti-microbial silicone
– Sold with its Claribox allowing rapid transport and decontamination in the microwave, all for a very reasonable price (26 €)
– Made in France
– Sold in 3 sizes 1, 2 and 3.
– Available online on the site and in pharmacies or drugstores

We join!

The Claricup in an American blog

An American blog, talks about the Claripharm Cup: The Claricup. Quickly find the blogger’s article here!

To discover the post of the Claricup menstrual cup, click on the link:

The Claricup on set!

Claripharm is preparing a viral film to stage its Claricup menstrual cup! The film will be released in a few weeks! To make you wait, and share this magnificent experience with you, here are the first images of the shoot!

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