13 March 2013: creation of Claripharm™ !

Claripharm’s creation in 2013!

Today it’s been 1 year since the ClariPharm adventure began!

Many thanks to all those who, from near and far, support this project which aims to: inform, go beyond taboos and develop solutions to improve the daily life of women following an episiotomy, a tear, or any surgery to the intimate parts including proctology, cosmetic surgery (nymphoplasty…), ect….

This 1st year was therefore marked by the design of the 1st flexible shell for the protection of intimate parts: Claricare™ ! *

> 1 year of development, several prototypes and finally the Claricare™ was born (in the centre of the photo).

More information concerning this 1st year of creation, on the article of the Telegram : click here !

The adventure continues, thank you again for your support & see you soon!

Claripharm Team

* CLARICARE™ is used in the following indications :

– tearing and/or episiotomy after childbirth
– vulvar and anal scratches after childbirth
– hemorrhoids
– haematomas to the private parts after childbirth
– coccyx dislocation
– perineal, vulval and anal condylomata
– bartholinite
– intimate cosmetic surgery (nymphoplasty, labiaplasty…)
– anal margin abscess
– low track prolapse
– Rectal prolapse
– anal fissures
– amputation of the rectum

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