Menstrual cup

Menstrual cup and ecology: the zero waste alternative

More and more of you want to ban stamps. Today, we help you to adopt the Claricup, our menstrual cup.

The Claricup Colorless: your eco-responsible ally

An ecological alternative, zero waste

Periodic non-reusable protections represent a huge source of waste. According to the book “Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation” a woman would throw away, on average, the equivalent of 150 kg of waste consisting of sanitary napkins and tampons during her lifetime. These non-reusable protections are very polluting because they are non-recyclable waste. Buffers take 500 years to degrade …

1200 sanitary pads against 8 menstrual cuts for a lifetime.

The claricuprepresents an ecological and healthy alternative during your period. In her lifetime, a woman could save12,000 sanitary pads or tampons by using only 8 menstrual cups(assuming she changes her cup every 3 years).

Beyond an economic gain of 8582 € over a lifetime, the use of a cup is also an opportunity to consume less but better!

Healthy Composition

Wearing sanitary napkins and tampons raises many questions. Viscose tampons dipped in chlorine for optimal bleaching, the sodium polyacrylate used in some sanitary napkins to make them highly absorbent, are among the ingredients that are harmful to our mucous membranes and therefore our health.

For your safety Claripharm has chosen to develop a healthy and transparent alternative for your health.

Claricup™ colorlessis made only of biocompatible medical grade silicone. A soft, supple and 100% safe material for your vagina. Periodic protection that takes care of you with ease.

100 % Made in France

Claripharm is a French company located in Saint-Alban in Brittany. We guarantee a 100% French, ethical and responsible production. Our French know-how represents a pledge of qualityand seriousnessthat we wish to put at the honor for the confection of our products, in order to take care of your intimacy.

We support local employment to allow professional integration within our beautiful region. We promote collaboration with French partnersfor the manufacture of packaging, flyers, the purchase of raw materials … These short circuits can reduce CO2 emissions with the cessation of imports.

We support French production and build a sustainable economy together!

What are you waiting for to use a menstrual cup that protects the environment and your health? 😉

Alternative to tampons: what if I switched to the cup?

Composition, vaginal dryness, ecology, etc… More and more of you are looking for an alternative to tampons.

Among the menstrual cup, washable pads, menstrual panties or organic tampons, it is not easy to choose a hygienic protection alternative with which one feels comfortable. So we decided to come to your rescue !

The purpose of this article is not to measure the pros and cons on all the new methods of protection, we leave the freedom to each one to make its own opinion, we will expose ours in a future article 😉.

On the other hand, we are going to help you see more clearly about the menstrual blow by answering the 5 main reasons that prevent you from moving on to the cup.


It usually takes 2 to 3 cycles before you get into the habit of inserting your menstrual cup. There are different ways to fold your menstrual cup, once you find the right method, you won’t have any trouble inserting it. Find here all our bending methods.

You fold, insert at the entrance of the vagina so that the base of the cup is a little bit higher than the entrance of your vagina (usually at a phalanx so you can easily remove it) and voilà!

For more ease or if you suffer from vaginal dryness, we recommend that you moisten it with water or put it in the shower.

Once the Claricup is placed, with your fingertip you make sure that the neck of the cup is completely unfolded, and voilà, you’re in peace for 6 hours!


The menstrual cup inserts like a tampon, once folded, they have the same diameter so no panic! In addition, the silicone used for Claricup is particularly soft and supple. It is the same pharmaceutical grade silicone used for surgical implants. We then say stop the microlesions that tampons do that irritate your mucous membranes when you insert them, and yes to the peachy skin effect of soft silicone!


Incorrect positioning of the menstrual cup or mispruning, if a menstrual cup is misused, leakage is often noticeable. At Claripharm, your victory is also ours, so to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied, we’re with you from the choice of your size to its proper use. And if ever the size you choose is not the right one, we’ll send you one back for free!

If you have any questions, just write to us on the social networks or at the following address:


Well washed hands before and after insertion, a properly disinfected cup, your Claricup boxat hand and a water point nearby and you’re done!

Contrary to popular belief, your menstrual cup is never full to the brim. Then by gently pinching the base of your menstrual cup, it will gently bend and go down while remaining straight. There’s no risk of flooding your toilet or getting your hands full.

All you have to do then is empty it into your toilet, put it in its Claricup box – the transport and disinfection box provided at the time of purchase, clean it at a water point and leave for 6 hours. No tap nearby? No worries, just bring a small bottle of water with you!
Also, we have designed the Duopackthat allow you to have two Claricup, so you always have a spare one on hand at all times. Clever…!

So we’re still hesitating? For many women, the menstrual cup represents a real revolution: economy, safety of composition, tranquility of use, ecology? And you, when do you move on to the cup?

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