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Formulated with health professionals, our vitamins and dietary supplements are of natural originand contribute in particular to the reduction of pain related to menstrual cycles and periods.

Don’t wait any longer for pain

Different from medicines, food supplements have an essentially preventive action.

The interest of food supplementsis to maintain and prevent good healthand not to cure diseases. Our food supplements are therefore an excellent way to reduce pain during menstruation since they act before it happens.

Based on plants and minerals, dietary supplements and vitamins avoid taking medicines composed of chemical substances that can be harmful to health.

Claricycle food supplement

Claricycle, the first pain relief supplement for menstruation! No more menstrual and pre-menstrual pain, thanks to its carefully selected and dosed natural ingredients, Claricycle's patented formula provides all the comfort necessary for smooth menstrual cycles.

A patented composition

Claricycle is an innovative and healthy formula to relieve menstruation. It contains Yarrow, Potentilla, iron, calcium and vitamin E.

Healthy unpainful menstruation

Herbal ingredients with vitamins, iron, and that's it! Made in France and without superfluous ingredients.

A unique formula dedicated to well-being during menstruation

50 to 70% of women suffer from menstrual discomfort. Pre-menstrual syndrome or pain in the first days of menstruation, every woman should be able to live her cycles gently. Find the Claricycle in Vietnam under the name Claristick.
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