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Clarigyna intimate cleaning gel

Clarigyna™ intimate shower gel, is specially designed for women's intimate hygiene. This 150 ml cleansing shower gel is suitable for intimate hygiene thanks to a gentle washing formula that is as neutral as possible.

A safe composition

The Clarigyna is paraben free, dye free, fragrance free, SLS free and soap free (hey yes!). Are you surprised? However, it is the latter which, with its alkaline pH value, irritates the mucous membrane by cleaning it too radically.

A specific formula

Especially designed for intimate areas where the pH of the skin is different from the rest of the body, the Clarigyna has a physiological pH (5.5) adapted to this part of the body. Its formula is validated by women's health experts.

Une formule unique dédiée au bien-être pendant les menstruations

The intimate shower gel Clarigyna™ is specially designed for daily hygiene and care of intimate parts. Goodbye irritations, hello to softness!